Exploring Your Leadership

Exploring Your Leadership offer a variety of sessions throughout the year by the Student Leadership Assistants aimed at helping individuals enhance their personal leadership. By actively engaging in topics students will be able to gain skills, knowledge, and attitudes required of ethical and life-long leaders. All of these topics fulfill at least one of the educational experiences needed for the leadership education pillar of the Leadership Certificate Program.


Relational Leadership

Join us for an opportunity to learn how to create a purpose driven process that is empowering, ethical, and inclusive.  We will create space for you to apply the concepts of the relational leadership model to real world settings you may face in a class group project, student organization, or an internship.

Understanding yourself:  Emotional Intelligence

Have you ever found yourself having difficulty developing relationships?

Buckle up as we take you on a journey to solve these issues and more with the center for leadership.  This session will leave you with the tools needed to navigate college and beyond.


Understanding Others

Understanding others is an activity based session that engages and promotes open discussion about how to successfully resolve conflict and make decisions as a leader.


Leading with Integrity

Being an ethical leader involved leading with integrity.  This session will ask you to think about how you make a decision if there are multiple right answers?  How do you balance the short term versus long term impact of your decision?  How do you balance the individual versus the community?

Being in Communities

This session develops a foundation for what it means to work within a community, as well as what it looks like to be outside of a community.  Offering different perspectives of community will create an understanding of what building community looks like.


In our society we are surrounded with language and behavior that has developed through a history of stereotypes and prejudices.  Leading involves working with diverse and multifaceted individuals, groups, and societies.  This session will provide one framework for building skill to work and lead with many different people.

Understanding Change

Change is a very hard concept to grasp without understanding tipping points.  This session will develop and work through Malcolm Gladwell's idea of tipping points for change.  It is important to understand this concept, as it offers us insight of when and how to generate change.


Finding balance within the busy life of a student leader is challenging and sometimes overwhelming. In this session, we will discuss the importance of self-care and some ways tips on how to find more balance between being a student, a leader, and a human being!