Global Leadership Certificate

The Global Leadership Certificate (GLC), offered by the Center for Leadership, is a program that will help you develop tools and skills that will help you lead and communicate effectively on a global scale with people from a variety of cultures and experiences. As our society becomes increasingly globalized the importance of globalized leadership becomes more relevant. The GLC workshops incorporates our global citizenship competency into your leadership toolkit.

The GLC will be running in Spring 2019

Session 1: “Interactions and Experiences”
This session focuses on allowing participants to reflect on their own interactions and experiences in order to better understand their values and role in society as well as a session aimed at understanding globalization.
Session 2: “Self-Awareness as a Global Leader”
This session focuses on emotional intelligence and adaptability and applying these concepts to one’s role in society as a global leader.
Session 3: “Diversity & Differences” This session focuses on developing an understanding of cultural intelligence and sensitivity and the value of diversity and commitment to social justice.
Session 4: “Cross-Cultural Communications” This session focuses on gaining more effective cross-cultural communication, conflict resolution and networking.
Session 5: “Reflections on Current Global Issues” This session focuses on understanding global issues such as imperialism, ethnocentrism, emerging markets and the supply chain. This session then looks at taking this knowledge and comparing global and local issues in order to find trends or structures and determine interdependent influences.
Session 6: “Actions - Locally and Globally” This session focuses on understanding foundational leadership strategies, discussing ethical dilemmas involved in global challenges and how these impact becoming a global leader.
Session 7: "Final Reflections" A summary session that covers all you have learned in previous sessions.
Spring 2018 Recipients