Ethical Leadership Certificate

The Ethical Leadership Certificate (ELC), facilitated by the Center for Leadership’s Student Leadership Assistants, is a program that helps you develop integrity and purpose as a leader.  ELC sessions help participants gain insight into their personal development. This certificate can help you develop self-awareness as an ethical and intentional leader. The sessions incorporate our integrity and purpose competency into your leadership toolkit.

Session 1: “Leadership and Values”
This session focuses on participants exploring the role of personal values in the process of being an ethical leader.
Session 2: “Leading Authentically”
This session builds upon one’s values and beliefs by exploring how congruency relates to ethical leadership. Participants will compare their values and beliefs to their daily actions, behaviors, and priorities.
Session 3: “Relational Leadership” This session focuses on participants understanding how purpose, ethics, empowerment, inclusion, and process contribute to relational leadership with group contexts.
Session 4: “Ethical Dilemmas” This session will provide information on ethical dilemmas and the “gray area” of decision-making, as well as different ways of looking at ethics, such as ethics of mercy vs. ethics of justice.
Session 5: “Purposeful Community Engagement” This session explores how to purposefully engage within one’s community focusing on ethical leadership individually, within a group, and as a member of larger communities and society.
Session 6: “Leading with your 'Why'” In this session, participants will incorporate knowledge, reflection, and learning from the previous 5 sessions to determine their “why” and how they can create a plan to be and ethical leader.
Fall 2017 Recipients