Social Justice Leadership Certificate


The Social Justice Leadership Certificate (SJLC), facilitate by the C. Raymond Marvin Center for Student Leadership and the Office of Multicultural Affairs, is a self-awareness and cultural competence-based leadership certificate focused on helping participants develop the attitudes, knowledge, and skills needed to be socially just leaders committed to working, living, and leading in the midst of challenging times.  As BGSU continues to strive to be a campus where every member contributes to a diverse and inclusive campus for all, we want to give you the opportunity to grapple with social justice topics in order to gain skills for your life after college. 

Session 1: Deepening My Understanding of Self

A safe space will be provided for participants to understand social identities as they relate to oneself and others.  Participants will also discuss social justice, diversity, inclusion, equality, and equity and how they relate to developing leadership.

Session 2: Defining Our Group Identities

Participants will focus on gaining an understanding of their socialization and how it contributes to their culture, interactions, relationships, and leadership style. Participants will also learn about power, privilege, and difference as well as microaggressions, racism, discrimination, and prejudice.

Session 3: Our Community, Our Responsibility

Participants will learn about oppression and how systems of oppression influence communities.  Participants will also continue to explore social identities and how these identities contribute to relationships with others.

Session 4: Social Justice in Film and Media

Participants will work to understand their personal values, biases, and attitudes about race, gender, class, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, and other identities.  Participants will also explore how these values and attitudes influence their decision-making, particularly in regard to supporting others. 

Session 5: Facing the Past, Shaping Our Future

Participants will build on their understanding of personal values, biases, and attitudes and how they influence decision-making.  In addition, participants will start to develop skills for working with group members and others that do not share the same culture, personal values, or identities. 

Session 6: Gaining a Global Perspective

Participants will reflect on their learning and create an action plan to put ones’ social justice leadership into action. 

Session 7: The World As I See It

This final session will wrap up the certificate and prepare participants to put their social justice leadership into action.