Life Design Leadership Certificate


The Life Design Leadership Certificate (LDLC) is a program that will help you develop the mindsets and tools necessary to live a meaningful, purpose-driven life as a leader on campus and beyond. This certificate, offered by the Marvin Center for Student Leadership and Office of Student Success and Life Design, will help participants build confidence navigating an unknown future and make meaningful contributions to their community and organization.  This certificate will build on the Life Design framework to empower you to enhance your personal and leadership development.

Session 1: Explore Your Viewpoints

In this session, participants will work to develop their college view, world view, and leadership view. Identifying and articulating these views will allow participants to reflect on how congruent they are. 

Session 2: Build Your Pathways

In this session, participants will create 3 pathways for their leadership at BGSU. You will develop your current pathway, a separate pathway as a backup, and a pathway without limitations. Participants will learn about the importance of generating more than one idea for an experience. 

Session 3: Create Your Dashboard

In this session, participants will reflect on their personal dashboard by looking at their own levels of work, play, love, and health in their life. Then, participants will create two dashboards that reflect their organization. One dashboard will be where the organization is now and then next will be where you want your organization to be. By the end of the session, participants will identify ways to meet their goal dashboards. 

Session 4: Design Thinking to Solve Problems

In this session participants will learn about the differences between anchor and gravity problems. We will reflect on anchor problems and gravity problems that you currently see in your group or organization. Then, participants will utilize design thinking to solve problems within their organization. 

Session 5: Mindsets of Design Thinking in Leadership

In this session, participants will learn about the 5 mindsets of the design thinking process as it relates to the process leadership. We will place emphasis on one mindset, radical collaboration. 

Session 6: Problem Solving in a Community

Participants will use the process of ideation to solve problems within a community. We will introduce the use of mind maps to ideate. Participants will identify a problem they see in their community and solve it using design thinking concepts.