Global Leadership Certificate


The Global Leadership Certificate (GLC), facilitated by the Student Leadership Assistants of the C. Raymond Marvin Center for Student Leadership, is a program that will help you develop the attitudes, knowledge, and skills for global leadership in an increasingly global world.  Employers are looking for leaders who value and possess communication styles that are respectful of cultural contexts and reflect an understanding of diversity and its implication on individual and group leadership.  The GLC is an excellent opportunity to incorporate this competency into your leadership toolkit, meet people who share your interests, and increase your understanding of our global world and its connection to you and the BGSU community.

Session 1: Interactions and Experiences

Participants will reflect on their experiences and interactions to better understand their values and role in society.  Participants will also gain a deeper understanding of globalization and leadership.

Session 2: Self-Awareness as a Global Leader

Participants will focus on emotional intelligence and adaptability, as well as working to apply these concepts to their role in society and as a global leader.

Session 3: Diversity and Difference

Participants will develop an understanding of cultural intelligence and sensitivity.  Additionally, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the value of diversity and commitment to social justice.

Session 4: Cross-Cultural Communication

Participants will focus on developing and practicing more effective cross-cultural communication, conflict resolution, and networking.

Session 5: Reflections on Current Global Issues

Participants will gain an understanding of global issues such as imperialism, ethnocentrism, emerging markets, and supply chain.  In addition, participants will compare global and local issues to find trends and analyze interdependent influences.

Session 6: Local and Global Actions

Participants will focus on foundational leadership strategies and ethical dilemmas involved in global challenges, and how these influence becoming a global leader.

Session 7: Final Reflection

Participants will reflect on what they learned during the Global Leadership Certificate and discuss how to put their leadership skills into action.