Remote Teaching Strategies

The following strategies have been reviewed and are recommended to assit BGSU faculty with their remote  needs. 

StrategiesReview Instructions ComplexityDetails
Remote Lectures

Setting Up Canvas

Using Zoom

IntermediateThis strategy will allow you to setup meetings during your normal class time for your student to join digitally. You can share your PowerPoint slides with those students and replicate both your lecture and some basic student discussions. The secure features of Zoom within Canvas prevent unwanted disruptions.
Recorded Lectures with Written Notes

General Overview

Software Request

AdvancedCreate a lecture with mixed media including power point, hand written notes, and screen recording. Once created, you can upload that lecture directly to Youtube. Special thanks to Craig Zirbel for creating this one.
Uploading Video To Canvas Without Using StorageVideo OverviewEssentialYour Canvas course has a size limit of 2.1 GB. This video guide will walk you through uploading that video to Canvas in a way that does not impact that size limit.
Converting a PowerPoint to VideoVideo OverviewIntermediatePowerPoint files with voice annotation can be very large files and may not work on ChromeBooks. This guide will help you export those files to videos. 
Camtasia Basic Lecture CreationVideo OverviewEssentialCreate a lecture recording of your PowerPoint and voice narration in Camtasia. Edit the video to remove small bad sections and then upload to YouTube.
Why Should I Use Camtasia?Video OverviewEssentialDr. Rachel Vannatta gives a great introduction to the benefits of creating online lecture materials
Secure Canvas Quizzes

Creating a Quiz

Securing a Quiz

EssentialThese videos will walk you through creating a new quiz, test, or exam in Canvas and then securing it to prevent student cheating without the need for a tool like Respondus Lockdown Browser.  
Camtasia Simple Video EditingVideo OverviewsIntermediateThis page has a series of videos to cover things like zooming in on, bluring, and adding callouts for your content. We also cover options for updating and adding new voice narration.
Respondus LockdownVideo OverviewsIntermediateThis page has a series of videos and guides for using Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor for your class. It also includes video guides to help your students install the required software on their machines. 
Setting Up Office Hours OnlineZoom SetupEssentialCreate sign-up appointments using Zoom in Canvas for your Office Hours and then use  your Zoom Waiting Room to allow only one student to join you at a time.
Online Course CommunicationVideo OverviewEssentialCommunicate to your students online using Announcements, Email, WebEx, and Discussions.
Syllabus ResourcesVideo OverviewEssentialLocate and use the Center for Faculty Excellence's resources to improve your syllabus. 
Use the Simple Canvas Course DesignVideo OverviewEssentialUse the Canvas Commons feature to import the Simplified Canvas Course Design template into your course. 
Getting More Out of Your DiscussionsVideo PlaylistIntermediateThese videos will help you set discussions up for threaded replies, track the replies per student, grade discussions on a rubric, and set up discussions for groups of your students.
Online Course FacilitationVideo PlaylistIntermediateGet into a rhythm in your online class with these videos on course communication, providing feedback, checking student activity, and setting up office hours.
Using Speedgrader in CanvasVideo OverviewIntermediateProvide direct student feedback while grading your assignments, quizzes, or discussions entirely online. No more need to download student work and send it back manually. 
Using Rubrics in CanvasVideo PlaylistIntermediateYou can add a rubric to an assignment to help students understand expectations for the assignment and how you intend to score their submissions. Rubrics can also increase your speed and consistency when grading assignments.
Giving Students More Time for Quizzes and Assignments

Adding Time During Due Date

Adding Time After Due Date

IntermediateWhen a student either needs a new attempt or more time, there are two ways you can provide that to a student. Moderating a quiz is the best option before the assignment deadline. You will need multiple assignment times if the student needs time after the due date. 
Adding Captions to Canvas VideosUsing Microsoft StreamIntermediateYou can upload videos to Canvas using the Upload Media tool to avoid using your course storage quota. When using this option, you will need to manually create captions for your video. This guide will help you create those captions automatically.