Instructor Video Recording Studio

The Instructor Video Recording Studio is a sound-proofed space for BGSU instructors to record educational videos for their courses. The space offers the ability to record professional quality videos using a HD video camera and microphone.

There is an option to use a black backdrop for a solid background when recording. This backdrop can be used with Zoom for screen capture videos. Instructors will need to bring their laptop for producing their screen capture videos. A green screen is used to record a background consisting of an image or a video such as pieces of art, places, or to make an interesting background while lecturing on camera. The Zoom technology contains preset BGSU backgrounds to use. 

Instructors can request to have images uploaded to use for virtual backgrounds. Use this form to request to add images at least 48 hours in advance of the recording studio reservation. There is a limit of 5 uploaded images per week per instructor.

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September, 15
Olscamp 109

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August 12, 2:00-3:30PM

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The Instructor Recording Studio is a self-service studio. It is highly recommended that instructors book a training session with a CFE staff member before reserving the studio for recording.

Studio Location:
Olscamp 109

What the studio includes

  • HD Camera
  • Microphone
  • Studio Lighting Kit
  • Document Camera
  • Green Screen
  • Black Backdrop
  • Computer to record videos to the Zoom Cloud

What to use the studio for

  • Welcome Video
  • Course Tour
  • Explaining Course Content
  • Illustrating a Concept
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Explaining a Process

Recording Studio Instructions

Best Practices

  1. Video Length: Keep in mind that students learn better when course content is chunked. It is best practice to keep videos 5 minutes or less if possible. To learn more about how to create effective videos, consider attending one of the CFE "Creating Micro-Learning Videos" workshops. 

What to Wear in the Video Studio

  1. Choose Warming Colors – Colors like teal, purple and coral pop on screen. Wearing a top in one of these bright shades will really warm up a face. Neckties can also offer the opportunity to deliver a punch of color.
  2. Avoid White, Bright Red & All Black – Bright white will give a glowing, halo effect, bright red tends to look like it’s bleeding, and all black will seem to blend with the black studio backdrop. Black can cause the definition of the garment will be lost.
  3. Stay Classic – Choose an outfit that will stand the test of time.  Avoid any trends that will make the video look dated.
  4. Keep Jewelry Simple – Dangly jewelry can be visually distracting. Microphones will often pick up the sound of bangle bracelets or jangly earrings.
  5. Avoid Pin Stripes & Busy Patterns – Pin stripes and busy patterns can often give a flickering effect on the video.

Updated: 08/05/2022 01:51PM