Convene, Converse, Lunch & Learn

The purpose of this workshop is to provide a venue for faculty, graduate students, and instructional staff to informally meet with other instructors and discuss the practice and methods of teaching. Each meeting will have an overarching topic, but there is no fixed agenda nor reading list, simply a discussion of experience and opinion. Each meeting is a bring your own brown bag lunch to encourage participation and informality.          

Preliminary Topics for Spring Semester:

February  –  Communication with Students
There are more ways to communicate with people then ever before, but are they all good ways for an instructor to communicate with students? Email, social media, phones, office visits, which do you prefer students use to contact you? Which ways promote formality, which ways informality? Are all ways equally good for discussion or instruction? What about office hours? If you are constantly in contact with students electronically, what is the role of office hours?

March  –  The Effects on Teaching of the Changing of Students' Life Experiences

In addition to the changes in primary and secondary education, common childhood experiences changed drastically during the twentieth century, and continue to change into the twenty-first. Many students come to us now with different common childhood experiences than those of students who entered college twenty to fifty years ago, when most of us entered college. How have these changes impacted your courses? Your department's majors? Are there any pedagogical or program changes that you think are necessary in light of these life experience changes?

April  –  Non-exam Finals and Non-traditional Finals Week Activities

What do you believe the role of final exams are in a student's education, and how do you make use of Finals Week? Many of us use common practice in our fields of study when it comes to the form of final exams, or practicality when it comes to large courses, but have you ever questioned these forms?