Active Learning Classroom Certification

CFE Active Learning Classroom Certification

BGSU’s Active Learning Classrooms (ALC) are specially designed spaces that bring together pedagogy, design elements, and technology to help faculty fully engage students in the pursuit of learning. In order to help faculty make the best use of these classrooms, the CFE is pleased to offer an ALC Certificate featuring strategies and technology.  

Two workshops are required to earn the CFE Active Learning Classroom (ALC) Certificate:

Active Learning Classroom Strategies Part 1 Workshop

In this workshop, participants will engage in a discussion of the potential inherent in BGSU’s new Active Learning Classrooms, learn how other faculty used these rooms to advantage, learn about research supporting the use of active learning strategies, and discuss how those strategies can be put to use in their classes. (2 hours)

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Active Learning Classroom Technology Part 2 Workshop

*Please Note: The Active Learning Classroom Strategies Part 1 Workshop is a prerequisite to the Active Learning Classroom Technology Part 2 Workshop.

Taught in partnership with Classroom Technology, this hands-on workshop is designed to help faculty become proficient in the use of the technology in the Active Learning Classrooms so they can make best use of these facilities. The focus will be on how to use the technology to engage students, allow students to display their work, and collaborate effectively. (2 hours)

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Additional ALC workshops and resources are also available from the CFE.  Please contact the CFE at (2-6898) for more information on ALC Certification, workshops, and/or resources.