Build A Better Rubric: Measure Student Mastery and Shape Student Success WorkshopS

Rubrics not only communicate expectations to students, but also serve as a tool for both assessment and feedback. A well-designed rubric can help students focus on the important aspects of their work, challenging themselves to deeper levels of thinking and understanding. For instructors, a well-designed rubric makes grading more consistent and accurate, and supports more meaningful feedback to promote improved student outcomes.

This workshop will examine some of the literature on rubrics, feedback, and grading, and will provide examples and non-examples of rubrics in several formats. Participants will gain practical experience constructing and/or improving rubrics, and will have the opportunity to develop or modify their own rubrics in a workshop exercise.

Participants are encouraged to bring one or more of the following to make best use of the workshop time:

  • An assignment for which you would like to develop a rubric,
  • Course objectives that you might measure with a rubric, and/or
  • An existing rubric that you would like to improve.

Categories: Expectations, Engagement, and Feedback & Assessment.

Contact the Center for Faculty Excellence by email at or by phone at 419-372-6898 to request a workshop for your unit.