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Contemplative Pedagogy - How to Use Mindfulness Activities to Overcome Classroom Distractions

In this webinar Dr. Cheryl Hoy, Director of General Studies Writing, Amanda McGuire Rzicznek, Lecturer, General Studies Writing Program, Cheryl Lachowski, Lecturer, General Studies Writing Program, and Elizabeth Zemanski, Lecturer, General Studies Writing Program, will discuss contemplative pedagogy. Relatively recently, a contemplative pedagogy movement in academia has begun to examine the use of mindfulness, meditation, yoga, focusing activities, and other introspective techniques in the college classroom in order to counter the prevailing effects of technological devices and other distractions that inhibit student attentiveness and learning. The focus of this webinar will be to share the experiences of four General Studies Writing (GSW) faculty who have integrated various contemplative strategies into their classrooms. During the webinar the audience will be asked to interact with the presenters by participating in a few contemplative practices. There will also be a discussion about the reason for this integration into the classroom, the selection of contemplative practices, and the observed effects on students and faculty as both teachers and as individuals.

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