LTI Request Process

Process for faculty to request an LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability) for Canvas:

STEP 1. Faculty will need to submit an ITS BGSU Project Evaluation Request:

  1. Requests will be accepted for LTIs twice during the academic year at the same time that requests are submitted to Falcon Outfitters for course materials (February and October).
  2. ITS will work with BGSU General Counsel to obtain non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) for approved LTI pilots. All new NDA requests for the review period will be submitted at the same time to help insure timely processing.
    Note: This step may add several weeks to the review process.
  3. The project evaluation request (PER) must contain the following information about the LTI:
    • specific software title
    • the course name and title in which the LTI will be utilized
    • a vendor contact
    • a student support contact
    • a faculty support contact
    • a department chair approval of the request
    • access fees related to the LTI
    • proof of ADA compliance for all services available through the LTI.
  4. For ADA compliance, it is recommended that faculty use the following web page as a guide when discussing the LTI with a vendor:

STEP 2. ITS and CFE will review the PER to determine whether a pilot will be implemented. A pilot will be run only if:

  • BGSU has an NDA for the LTI.
  • Proof of ADA compliance is confirmed.
  • All required information has been provided in the PER (see step 1 - 3 above).

STEP 3. A pilot of the LTI will occur if all conditions described above are met.

  1. The pilot will involve the faculty and department who are requesting the software.
  2. The following web page will be updated with information about the LTI:
  3. The CFE will coordinate the communication between the faculty participating in the pilot and ITS to provide a recommendation at the end of the pilot. The recommendation will be one of the following:
    • Pilot successful/install the LTI.
    • Pilot not successful/do not install the LTI. Reasons for not recommending an integration will be provided. ITS and/or the CFE may follow up with the vendor if needed.

LTI Support

  1. LTI support for faculty and students will be provided by the vendor. Support contact information will be maintained on the following web page:
  2. Faculty and students should contact the vendor support contact directly for any questions or issues encountered when using the LTI.
  3. The CFE may periodically host LTI vendor visits and training for faculty.