Fall 2021 Checklist

What should we do to prepare for the Summer semester? 


What and when should we communicate to students to help them prepare for our courses? 

  • How do you plan to communicate with students throughout your courses? 
  • When are you sending your initial email or announcement to students and what information are you including? 
  • How are you introducing yourself to students and how will you encourage students to introduce themselves to each other? 
  • How will you let students know how and when to get started? 
  • How can students contact you and when should they expect to hear back from you? 

Course Shell 

What should we have ready in our Canvas course shells before classes begin? 

  • Is your syllabus posted and accessible? 
  • Does your syllabus set the tone for diversity and inclusion? 
  • How do you plan to host Office Hours? When and how will you be available to meet with students? 
  • How are you welcoming students to the physical space and/or virtual classroom? 
  • How should students navigate through your courses? 
  • Which notification settings will help students be successful in your courses?

Teaching and Learning 

What content and activities should we focus on as we prepare for the spring semester? 

  • How will you provide a course overview, discuss class expectations, and review learning outcomes with students? 
  • How will you build and maintain a sense of community throughout your courses this semester? 
  • What content and activities do you have ready and available for the first two weeks of the semester? 
  • Are your first few videos finalized, uploaded, and accessible?