Safe Zone Training Certificate Program

The Safe Zone workshop promotes awareness of LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer +) people. The workshop provides education concerning LGBTQ+ issues and seeks to improve the environment for LGBTQ+ people. This workshop helps to build a support network of allies for the BGSU LGBTQ+ community.

Workshop goals and learning objectives include:

  • To increase awareness of LGBTQ+ people and issues.
  • To help build a visible support network of LGBTQ+ allies on BGSU's campus.
  • To introduce working definitions of LGBTQ+ terminology, symbols, and flags and to clarify misconceptions.
  • To help clarify understanding of gender identity, gender expression/presentation, sex assigned at birth, sexual and romantic orientations.
  • To explore topic of social construction of LGBTQ+ identities.
  • To discover an understanding of heterosexism, homophobia, and transphobia.
  • To learn about local LGBTQ+ resources and sources for continuing education.

Participants Who Complete the Certificate Program Will Receive:

  • A program completion badge.
  • Recognition on the Center for Faculty Excellence website.

For more information about BGSU's Safe Zone Program

February 22
2:00-4:30PM, Olscamp Hall, 106
April 11
9:00-11:30AM, Olscamp Hall, 106

Updated: 02/02/2023 11:32AM