Canvas "New Quizzes"

“New Quizzes” is coming in July 2021. Instructors will have the option to continue to use the current assessment feature “Classic Quizzes” through December 2022 when the vendor will discontinue its use. 

“New Quizzes” is an updated assessment engine that integrates with Canvas and replaces the current quizzes functionality (Classic Quizzes) in Canvas. “New Quizzes” will be enabled for instructors to begin to familiarize themselves with the tool. There are new question types such as Categorization, Ordering, and Hot Spots. Some other improvements you may notice include a more streamlined way to manage item banks and the ability to copy quizzes.

“Classic Quizzes” will be discontinued by the vendor in December 2022 at which time all assessment will need to be in “New Quizzes.”  We recommend that any new courses assessments use “New Quizzes” beginning in July 2021.  Watch this video demonstration of what the pop-up window with the quiz options will look like.

Watch the New Quizzes Overview tutorial to learn more about this feature.

More information is located with the New Quizzes FAQ link and the New Features Comparison Chart.

The Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE) is offering workshops in July. The CFE is offering workshops that will demonstrate how to
create and manage assessments using New Quizzes in Canvas.