Publisher LMS Integrations

External tools add enhanced functionality to your learning environment within Canvas.  Our collection of publisher tools can be used to integrate your publisher e-learning platform with the BGSU Canvas site.  These integrations are reviewed for security and accessibility.  However, these integrations are supported by your publisher for you and your students.  Where applicable faculty should include these anticipated subscriptions and associated costs when providing your list of course materials.

If you would like to request the evaluation of an external tool for addition to this list, please fill out a Software Procurement Request.



Cengage Learning Mindlinks

Cengage Learning's LMS integration tool provides seamless access to their premier learning solutions. Ensure students get up and running quickly and have direct access to your Cengage course materials in your Canvas course.
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Cirrus / Paradigm Education Solutions

Cirrus delivers complete course content in a cloud-based environment that puts students on the fast-track to success on the first day of class and beyond, as well as delivers a personalized digital learning experience, providing a suite of tools to help students develop skills mastery.

Macmillan LaunchPad

Macmillan Publishers. LaunchPad is a resource to help students achieve better results by providing a place where they can read, study, practice, complete homework and more.
McGraw-Hill Campus McGraw-Hill Campus integration by Instructure provides users single sign-on access and gradebook sync functionality for McGraw-Hill products and content through an external tool link module in their course.
McGraw-Hill Connect
A course management and adaptive learning solution that enhances your unique voice and teaching style.
MyLab and Mastering These digital platforms let you create a course to best fit the unique needs of your curriculum and your students. Each course has a foundation of interactive course-specific content — by authors who are experts in their field — that you can tailor and assign as you see fit. Digital tools activate learning, to more fully engage learners. And online assessments and data tell you how students are doing, as they go, so you can decide what to teach and how best to teach it.  
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MyLabs Plus MyLabsPlus can allow you to enroll large batches of students with ease. Your school can create the login name and password for each student and instructor and control distribution of that information, so everyone can be ready to start class on the first day. pearson wordmark 2x
Van-Griner Courseware Van-Griner Learning Courseware seamlessly integrates all content types—print and digital—with online learning and reporting tools to create an effective, affordable, full course solution. There is no need for a separate text, homework package, or outside media; Van-Griner Learning Courseware brings it all together in one simple-to-use platform. VGCoursewearLogo1