Ally Spring 2018 Pilot Group

Faculty are invited to participate in a Spring 2018 pilot group for Ally. Participants in the pilot will begin using Ally in one or more spring semester course. Training will be provided to faculty in the pilot and the Center for Faculty Excellence and the Office of Accessibility Services will be involved to provide support during the pilot session. 

Ally for Course Content Accessibility

Faculty will soon have a new tool to assist in making course content accessible for students. Ally is a product that integrates with Canvas and addresses accessibility in a way that benefits all students. Ally takes course content and immediately produces multiple formats such as electronic braille, semantic HTML, and others. In addition, Ally provides a means to indicate which content files do not meet accessibility standards and what is needed to be compliant. View a short video on Ally.


Course content should be accessible for all students, and this tool will greatly assist faculty in ensuring that current content issues can be addressed and that future content is accessible. In addition, Ally will benefit all students by providing different content options.

Register for the Ally pilot

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