Canvas “New Quizzes” is Now Available

“New Quizzes” is an updated assessment engine that integrates with Canvas and replaces the current “Classic Quizzes” functionality in Canvas. “New Quizzes” will be enabled for instructors to begin to familiarize themselves with the tool. There are new question types such as Categorization, Ordering, and Hot Spots. Some other improvements instructors may notice include a more streamlined way to manage item banks and the ability to copy quizzes.

“New Quizzes” will become the native quizzing engine within the Canvas LMS by June 2024. This change will impact instructors using “Classic Quizzes” who are teaching during the upcoming Summer Session 2024.

Instructors will be prompted to choose between “Classic Quizzes” and “New Quizzes” when building a quiz in Canvas. We recommend that instructors create all new course assessments using “New Quizzes”. Here is a video demonstrating the “Classic Quizzes” and “New Quizzes” selection options:

As instructors are transitioning from Classic Quizzes, we want to keep faculty informed to ensure a seamless experience by offering instructors this New Quizzes Readiness Checklist:

Watch this Instructure webinar on “New Quizzes Basics and Timeline” for more information:

Instructors can also find more information in the New Quizzes FAQ link and the New Features Comparison Chart.

The Center for Faculty Excellence is offering workshops on New Quizzes. Here is a link to register for the upcoming workshops:

Instructors using question banks in “Classic Quizzes” will need to export those banks out of “Classic Quizzes” as a Zip file and then import the Zip file into “New Quizzes”. Watch this tutorial to learn more: