About the Center for Environmental Programs

BGSU’s Center for Environmental Programs was established in 1968. It has a successful history of fostering environmental research, providing opportunity for student involvement, sponsoring numerous Earth Day campus-wide activities, bringing important and thought-provoking speakers to campus, and providing outstanding learning opportunities to the classroom and community.

More importantly, the Center continues to provide opportunities to get involved and to make a difference. The Center actively promotes environmental quality and sustainability. The Center facilitates activities that support learning opportunities, and promotes policies, practices and applied research that address environmental, economic, and social responsibility. The Center provides a conduit linking faculty, staff, students, and the broader community to actions that lead to a sustainable and high quality future.

Our Greening BGSU page highlights some of campus accomplishments in building a greener BGSU. Students, faculty and staff all have made substantial contributions, but there is a lot left to do! To learn more and to get involved, contact us at environ@bgsu.edu.