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We have begun a pilot program with the City of Sandusky in which we will be running service-learning courses that help meet defined goals of their Sandusky City Strategic Plan developed last year.  The Strategic Plan is in part tied to the City Bicentennial in 2018, so the timing is perfect to develop courses to assist citywide efforts for events linked to their Bicentennial Celebration. Courses will be run at both the main and the nearby Firelands campuses.  With financial resources dedicated to cover transportation and meals in Sandusky, classes on main campus can be established with no monetary burden on students and faculty. Currently, courses are being run that address public parks and land use needs, but many additional opportunities have been identified, that include:

  • Green infrastructure (rail to trails, new public byways, wetland restoration)
  • Sandusky 2018 Bicentennial event planning
  • Theatre, concert performances during the Bicentennial
  • 2D and 3D art shows during the Bicentennial
  • Promotional and historical videos of Sandusky
  • Photographic essays on Sandusky neighborhoods
  • GIS database management
  • Conservation and water resource management

On March 24, 2017 the Vital Communities Initiative launch event was hosted in Sandusky, Ohio.  For coverage of the event please visit - Sentinel-Tribune, Sandusky Register, 13 ABC.

On October 14, 2016 Dr. Salim Elwazani's Architectural Studio class presented designs for the Gateway Plaza in Sandusky.  Special guests from Sandusky, BGSU, and a architectural jury attended to review the designs and offer feedback.  See slideshow below for photos of the event.


Dr. George Bullerjahn

Position: Faculty Associate, Center for Community & Civic Engagement
Phone: 419-372-8527 (WK) or 419-494-4483 (MB)
Address: 301 Hayes Hall