Presidents United to Solve Hunger


BGSU ending Hunger!


What is PUSH?

PUSH has a new name...BGSU Ending hunger!

Presidents United to Solve Hunger (PUSH) is a nationwide initiative to solve hunger on college campuses. Created by Universities Fighting World Hunger (UFWH), nearly 90 university presidents have signed the PUSH initiative vowing to prioritize nutrition security on campuses and making the initiative a core value of higher education institutions worldwide.

PUSH Commitment and Goals

  • Build and strengthen a university food and nutrition security network by sharing information and best practices across institutions in teaching, research, outreach and student engagement
  • Develop a new generation of enlightened global citizens who will advance the social good through “disruptive” critical thinking, collaborative, multidisciplinary problem-solving and a fervent commitment to ending hunger
  • Engage faculty across disciplines and institutions in developing and implementing a strategy to solve hunger and malnutrition
  • Create public and political will to end hunger by collaborating with and disseminating relevant information and resources to multi-sector partners and constituents in business, government and civil society
  • Empower students to meet the grand challenge of ending hunger through informed awareness, effective advocacy and strategic action on their own campuses and collectively across campuses

PUSH Mission Statement

PUSH acknowledges hunger, malnutrition and food insecurity to be a critical threat to a sustainable world. A lack of access to sufficient, nutritious food destabilizes countries, endangers national security, compromises individual and economic productivity, and robs our youngest generation of opportunities for a healthy, prosperous future.

PUSH History at BGSU

In 2015, President Mary Ellen Mazey, Ph.D. signed the President’s Commitment to Food and Nutrition Security and charged the Center for Community and Civic Engagement to act as the convener for campus and community activities designed to address hunger and food insecurity issues in our region and beyond, engaging the intellectual, human, and teaching and research expertise of BGSU to the PUSH action areas:  inventory and mapping, teaching, research, outreach and student engagement.