• Participants in the GBGF program must be 60 years of age by the time they begin the service year.
  • To qualify for the award of a 3-credit hour tuition voucher, participants must complete 100 hours of community service/volunteering within the 12-month eligibility period.     
  • The community service must be in a formal organizational setting (non-profit, civic, or community group) where their service impacts the community/public good, and where the service benefits the broader community. (See BGSU definition of community service). 
  • Volunteer locations may include organizations, agencies and facilities in the greater Bowling Green/Wood County and Firelands region.
  •  GBGF Volunteers are eligible to earn up to three vouchers per calendar year, with each voucher being tied to 100 hours of completed service.  
  • Participants must apply to the program, be accepted, and regularly report their service hours. 
  • The staff of the GBGF initiative will verify hours with the host agency/organization.
  •  Once the service hours have been verified, the tuition voucher will be awarded and the GBGF. Volunteer can designate to whom the award will be credited.
  • Tuition vouchers may be used by the volunteer, by a volunteer’s designee (family member or friend), or donated to a pool available to BGSU students from our region with financial need and identified by the GBGF staff.
  •  There will be 50 tuition vouchers available per year and they will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to those volunteers who have successfully applied to the program and have completed BGSU GBGF requirements.
  • Vouchers are valid for 5 years from the point of designation (to whom the voucher will be awarded).     
  • Vouchers can be applied toward BGSU in-state undergraduate tuition (general and instructional fees) credit only at the Bowling Green and/or Firelands campus.