You can begin as a volunteer if you are at least 60 years of age at the time you apply.

  • GBGF supports BGSU’s Vital Communities Initiative in the Bowling Green/Wood County and Sandusky/Huron areas, and we encourage community members to link their volunteer service to areas of passion and expertise that impact critical issues in the community and region.
  • You can volunteer in any formal organizational setting (non-profit, civic, or community group) where your service impacts the community/public good and where the service benefits the broader community (See BGSU definition of community service).  Note: Volunteer hours that directly serve BGSU as an institution cannot be used towards cumulative total hours for awarding vouchers.
  • Service to a civic organization or faith community itself would not count, but volunteer activities partnering with a civic organization or faith community that impacts the public good would count.  For example, volunteering to clean your church building and grounds would not count; however, volunteering with a group from your church to clean up a city park would count, as would time volunteering with your church's food pantry.  All volunteer hours must be verified by the host agency or organization to be counted.

You may serve in a variety of volunteer capacities, at organizations of your choosing. Your service should be primarily direct service to the public/community/service recipient that impacts the broader community and public good.  Direct service would include, but not be limited to, activities such as: tutoring, food programs such as pantries and meal delivery,  community clean-up programs, parks and recreation programs, providing information/training to vulnerable populations, providing training or advice to non-profit/ community and civic organizations or support for organizations and initiatives impacting economic development, volunteering through an aging services agency or long-term care facility to be a companion to an older adult or to assist with activities with facility residents, etc. Activities that should not exceed 20%: administrative work, making photocopies, filing paperwork, etc. If you are a board member of an organization, you cannot count attending board meetings; however, if you are assisting with a fundraiser that supports your organization's direct service activities, that could be counted.

A GBGF Program Application can be completed online or download on here. Call 419-372-9865 or email ccce@bgsu.edu with questions.  

Hours completed with an organization you already volunteer with can count. However, this initiative is designed to increase the volunteer pool in our surrounding communities; as a result, only hours accrued through volunteer commitments after your application is accepted will be eligible to count toward the tuition voucher.  Service completed prior to your application date will not be eligible.

A tuition voucher, good for a three-hour tuition voucher for undergraduate courses at Bowling Green State University, is earned after being accepted into the program and successfully completing 100 hours of volunteer service that have been logged and verified during the service year.

Volunteers can earn up to three tuition vouchers per year, though preference will be given to first-time voucher recipients.  The vouchers are earned on a first come, first served basis.

If you wish to earn additional vouchers, you would apply again for the next voucher on completion of the first 100 hours. Availability of additional vouchers in the 12 month period will be based on the funds available at that time and the number of vouchers awarded.

Yes!  A tuition voucher can be gifted as long as the student is an in-state student, is eligible for or enrolled in classes at Bowling Green State University, and uses the tuition voucher within five years of it being earned.

  • Volunteers must reside in Northwest Ohio and must complete their service in one of these counties: Defiance, Erie, Fulton, Henry, Lucas, Ottawa, Paulding, Sandusky, Williams, and Wood counties.
  • Preference will be given to applicants planning to serve in the greater Bowling Green, and Sandusky, Huron and Firelands region.
  • Volunteers must reside in Northwest Ohio, if you are unsure of your eligibility please call us at 419-372-9865 or ccce@bgsu.edu.

Volunteers are eligible to start recording hours as soon as they have completed the application and been approved.

  • GBGF participants should adhere to the volunteer requirements of the organization(s) where they will be serving. Some might require background checks and/or credit checks and/or fingerprinting. It is the volunteer's responsibility to discuss this with the organization(s) and to determine if the organization(s) or the volunteer pays for such costs. Note: That Falcon Outfitters located on the Bowling Green campus can process background checks for a fee.
  • BGSU will not pay for background or credit checks, or for fingerprinting, for GBGF participants.

The designated service year is calendar year or fiscal year or one year from the time a volunteer signs up.

BGSU will honor 50 tuition vouchers per service year.  The tuition vouchers are honored based upon the date that they are earned, NOT used.  A student has up to five years to use a tuition voucher.

Vouchers are non-refundable (e.g., if a student drops out during the term for which the voucher is applied).

Aside from having one year to complete 100 volunteer hours, your commitment is self-paced.

Yes!  Anyone 60 and older is eligible to become a GBGF volunteer, as long as they have applied, been accepted and are logging their own volunteer hours for their own tuition voucher.  Hours from two or more volunteers cannot be combined to meet criteria for one.

Volunteer opportunities and tasks vary by organization. Please contact the organization at which you wish to serve to determine which activities you wish to undertake.


FAQs Use of a Tuition Voucher

Tuition vouchers may be used by the volunteer, by a volunteer’s designee (family member or friend), or donated to a pool available to BGSU students from our region with financial need and identified by the GBGF staff.

When a volunteer completes 100 hours of service and those hours have been verified, the volunteer then will apply for the tuition voucher and will designate who will be using the voucher. The voucher must be used within five years of the voucher issue date.

The 5-year period of validity for the voucher will take effect the semester following the award of the voucher.  The student will then have up to 5 years to utilize the voucher.

Only two vouchers can be used per student, per semester, with up to three per academic year.

Congratulations!  Submit your tuition voucher to the Student Financial Aid and Scholarship office by the following dates based on the semester you wish to use the voucher.

Summer Semester- April 15th

Fall Semester- July 15th

Spring Semester- December 15th

BGSU Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarship, 319 Administration Building, Bowling Green, Ohio 43403, 419-372-2615

The voucher can only be used to cover undergraduate tuition (general and instructional fees) for three credit hours. Aviation courses are excluded.

  • Students must reside within the BGSU in-state tuition boundaries.  If you are unsure if you or the tuition voucher recipient live in an out-of-state county that qualifies for in-state tuition, please contact the BGSU Student Financial Aid office (link here).
  • Vouchers are not eligible to be used by a non-Ohio resident.

Students receiving other types of aid that is valid only for undergraduate tuition (general and instructional) may see a reduction in an award if the combination of both awards is higher than total tuition.