2008-2010 Cohort


Dr. Jane Rosser

Position: Director, Office of Service-Learning

Nancy Orel

Position: Associate Professor, Gerontology (co-facilitator)

Kristen Cooperkline

Position: Graduate Assistant, Office of Service-Learning

2008-2010 Membership

Donna Nelson-Beene

Director/Associate Professor, General Writing Studies

Susan Carlton

Instructor, General Writing Studies

Jodi Lambdin

Devine, Associate Director of Academic Affairs, Honors Program

Kristie Foell

Director/Associate Professor, Global Village/International Studies/German

Lynne Hewitt

Interim Chair/Associate Professor, Communication Disorder

Richard Hoffman

Instructor, PCC/Education Division of Teaching & Learning

Kurt Hofmeister

Instructor, Technology Systems

Rona Klein

Lecturer, English

Bob Lee

Assistant Professor, Human Movement/Sport/Leisure Studies

Canchu Lin

Assistant Professor, IPC/Communication Studies

Lucy Long

Assistant Professor, International Studies/ACS

Nancy Patterson

Associate Professor, Education Division of Teaching & Learning

Kristan Tucker

Instructor, IPC/Communication Studies

Anne Westrick

Instructor, General Writing Studies

New Service-Learning Courses for 2009-2010 Main Campus

Fall 2009

  • ENG 112: Varieties of Writing - Donna Nelson-Benne, Susan Carlton & Anne Westrick (General Writing Studies)
  • RESC 200 G: Field Experience (Living in Global Community) - Kristie Foell (Global Village/International Studies/German)
  • CDIS 480: Seminar in Autism - Lynne Hewitt (Communication Disorder)
  • RESC 470: Serving Urban School Communities through Public Policy Building - Richard Hoffman (PCC/Education Division of Teaching & Learning), Nancy Patterson (Education Division of Teaching & Learning)
  • CONS 235: Introduction to Construction - Kurt Hofmeister (Technology Systems)
  • ENG 345: Adolescent Literature & LGBT Focus - Rona Klein (English)
  • HNRS 301: Honors - Jodi Lambdin-Devine (Honors Program)
  • RTD 260: Leisure Services for Older Adults - Bob Lee (Human Movement, Sport, Leisure Studies)
  • IPC 304: Leadership & Communication - Canchu Lin (IPS/Communication Studies)
  • INST 300 & ACS 300: Issues in American Food/Issues in Globalization - Lucy Long (International Studies/ACS)
  • IPC 102: Speech Communication - Kristan Tucker (IPC/Communication Studies)