Employer Spotlights



Organization: Harbor

Harbor has been in existence for over 100 years with over 20 locations as a leading behavioral healthcare provider in northwest Ohio. Jenna Workman serves as a recruiter for the organization and often seeks candidates with an interest in the field and volunteer experience. Jenna emphasizes the importance of knowing interview etiquette when applying for positions, as well as gaining experiential learning opportunities prior to graduation. She also emphasizes that candidates should be team players with a high level of dedication to their work and strong organizational and interpersonal skills.



Organization: BNSF Railway

Emma Doroff serves as a Senior Staffing Specialist in the Engineering Department at BNSF Railway. BNSF Railway has existed for over 160 years and is currently the largest freight railroad network in North America. As the company continues to grow, their interest in Management Trainees and Interns has increased, as well. Emma believes in the importance of experiential learning to help students gain employment post-graduation and was actively involved as an undergraduate, herself. She advocates for undergraduate students to be innovative and bring a fresh perspective to any position and emphasizes the importance of being a change leader in their field.



Organization: Amazon

Julie Ross has been with Amazon for over a year and was recently promoted to a University Recruiter and Area Manager II position. She describes Amazon as a non-traditional organization with an emphasis on innovation to best meet their unique customer needs. When recruiting new candidates, Julie looks for individuals with initiative who take action and try to anticipate issues, instead of waiting for problems to arise. She encourages students who may be interested in Amazon to research the organization and ensure they ask questions that are important to their values during the interview. Most importantly, she encourages students to own their development and follow their passions to find their path to success.



Organization: Company 9

Bailey Cousino serves as an Organizational Administrator at Company 9. She believes what makes her organization so unique is their emphasis on “people helping people” and teambuilding events such as Taco Tuesday and retreats. When she is looking for potential candidates, Bailey emphasizes the importance of being adaptable, innovative, and learner-centered in your work. She encourages students to have an open mind when seeking employment opportunities, while trusting their instincts and following their heart. More so, she views experiential learning as a fast track to a student’s career and one of the most important opportunities they can take advantage of during their time at the University.