Think About It

This online program was required of all incoming first-year students. In addition to addressing alcohol related issues, a key component of this educational program was to provide incoming students with information about sexual misconduct and healthy relationships. This program teaches potential aggressors that sexual assault is unacceptable and shows students and bystanders how to deal with dangerous situations. The program also outlines the warning signs of unhealthy relationships so that students can recognize them and get help when they or one of their friends need it.  

2,331 students (76.2 of incoming students) completed the online training. Data collected from this program indicate the following:

  • 40% of men and 49% of women report that they know someone who has been sexually assaulted
  • 9% of men and 23% of women reported that they had been afraid a partner might abuse them physically or emotionally
  • 10% of men agreed with the following statement: “If a woman has been flirting with a man all night, she owes him something physical at the end of the night.”
  • 93.6% of students reported that the course gave them a fuller understanding of what a healthy relationship looks like
  • 98.7% of students reported that after completing the course they feel confident that they will be able to recognize attitudes condoning sexual violence.