Peer Education

Becoming a peer educator is a great way to get involved on campus, strengthen public speaking skills with presentations, and make new friends. It gives students the opportunity to learn from other students as well. A class is offered to those interested in peer education. Read below to learn how to be a peer educator and become a role model for fellow peers.

Peer Education Intensive Training

Are you interested in health and wellness topics, like nutrition, fitness and safer sex? Want to become a peer educator but don't have time to fit the HHS 4400 class into your schedule? By completing the peer education intensive weekend training held in January, you can become a peer educator in one weekend long training session. A registration form is required to participate. 

Peer Education Intensive
Training Registration
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Get Involved

The peer education program strives to promote all aspects of wellness by raising awareness and knowledge about healthier living through outreach and role modeling. The primary goal is to develop fun, interactive and educational programs that reach the entire BGSU community.

Peer educators present on various wellness topics, including nutrition, body image, alcohol and other drugs and sexual health. Become a member and find out what peer education is about!

How to Become a Peer Educator

  • After successfully completing HHS 4400 (a 2-credit hour class offered both Fall and Spring semesters), students may become peer educators.
  • While students are peer educators, they are required to attend a 1-hour meeting each week and complete a 1-hour office hour each week in the Wellness Connection.

Contact Faith DeNardo at for more information.