Alcohol Abuse Prevention and Education

Bowling Green State University has a long-standing commitment to addressing the impacts of alcohol and drugs on its student body.  The potential impacts of alcohol and drug use can be catastrophic to the life of college student’s health, relationships, academic performance, and future goals.  While data demonstrates that most BGSU students make responsible choices related to alcohol and drugs, there are many that do not.  Contributing factors to these negative choices include stress, a belief that all students are engaging in those behaviors, and lack of accurate information about alcohol and drugs and the consequences of their use.  BGSU engages in multiple strategies in the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse.  These strategies include social norming campaigns, educational and awareness programs, enforcement programs, and alternative programming.

You may be surprised to learn that much of what you thought about alcohol use, particularly binge drinking, isn’t true. These are misperceptions, and the information presented here may help you better understand the areas of risk and also help you make informed choices about alcohol use.  Find out about the attitudes and behaviors of BGSU students toward alcohol consumption and how the majority of BGSU students are interested in reducing risks associated with alcohol.

  1. The majority of students think binge drinking put students at moderate or great risk for harm 
  2. The majority of students do not participate in binge drinking
  3. Students overestimate the percentage of their peers who drank in the last 30 days