Capital Planning

The Office of Capital Planning serves the Bowling Green State University community by space planning and managing funding for new construction and renovation projects on campus. Our office provides oversight and administration of Local and State funding provided for construction and renovation projects that benefit the University as a whole. Our office also manages space, classroom upgrades, property, and small improvement projects. Additional responsibilities include long-range planning and building project program development.

Our Vision

We strive to combine the best elements of Bowling Green State University's past history, current strengths, and future strategic planning to become the premiere learning community in Ohio.

We aspire to achieve excellence while delivering the highest possible value to our students. These efforts also ensure accountability to current and future generations of students, faculty and staff to enable life-long learning opportunities.

We endeavor to be good stewards of our campus' Local and State resources and the resulting Bowling Green State University new construction and renovation projects, all the while committed to the goals of the University.