Water Treatment Tours 2019

What the eyes don't see book cover

As learned in the BGSU Common Reading for 2019-2020 “What the Eyes Don’t See”, safe drinking water is a vital part of the health of the community; many things come together to make the provision of drinking water to the community a reality. 

Take a tour of the City of Bowling Green Water Treatment Plant.  See and learn about the actual water treatment process and see how the city keeps our water safe for drinking for the community. The plant is outside Bowling Green; transportation is provided and seats are limited, so commitment to attending the trip is essential before signing up.  The times indicated for the trips are inclusive of travel and the tour combined.  Vans will leave the Bowen-Thompson Student Union parking Lot 7 (outside the Black Swamp Pub in the Union) and will return to the same location.

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