BGSU Bike Rental Program

Please complete the application below. A link for payment will be provided upon application approval.

Fill out my online form.

Complete the BGSU Waiver Form online. You must name the "Office of Campus Sustainability" and its email, "" as the recipient of the carbon copy.

The name of the event/activity to fill in on the waiver is “Bike Rental”. For a spring semester rental, fill in the dates “01/11/2021” to “04/30/2021”. For an academic year rental, fill in the dates “08/24/2020” to “04/30/2021.”

Terms & Conditions

  1. The BGSU Bike Rental Program rents used bicycles to BGSU students, 18 years of age and over, on a semester and academic year basis. The goal of the program is to reduce vehicle use, and thus emissions, by promoting bike use as a form of transportation.
  2. Program Eligibility: Only current students (undergraduate and graduate) with valid BGSU ID and enrolled for the semester(s) of rental are eligible to rent an BGSU Bike. First preference is given to those students who will be using the rented bike as their primary form of transportation to, from, and around campus.
  3. Bike Availability: Bikes are available to qualified renters as described above; however, there is no guarantee that everyone who completes a Rental Agreement, even if qualified, will be provided a bicycle.
  4. Rental Periods: Rental periods are available for one semester, two semesters, or the full academic year in accordance with the fee schedule found below.
  5. Payment: Payment is made online through Cashnet and can be submitted upon application approval. The payment link will be provided via email.
  6. ID Required: Renters must provide a current BGSU ID as well as another photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) and proof of payment (printed receipt) to be fitted for and pick up a bicycle.
  7. Bicycle Return: All bicycles rented must be returned no later than 1:00pm to the BGSU Bike Rental Program office at 517 East Reed Street, Bowling Green on their due date. If not returned and checked in by 1:00pm, Renter will be charged late fees as set forth in the fee schedule below. Renter will be charged the full replacement value of the bicycle of $200.00 if the bicycle is not returned. Please allow fifteen (15) minutes for bicycles to be checked in.
  8. Locks: Renters must demonstrate in person that they have an approved and functional U-Lock (e.g., Bulldog, Kryptonite, or other reputable brand), and knowledge of its use.
  9. No Refunds: Renters may not return bicycles for a refund. In addition, renters that return bicycles before the end of the rental period will not be given a discounted or prorated rental amount.
  10. Bicycle Repairs: Regular wear and reasonable use maintenance is included in the rental prices. This includes flat tire repairs, brake adjustments and other basic/minor repairs. Renters with maintenance should bring their rented bicycle to the BGSU Bike Rental Program office at 517 East Reed Street during open hours for repairs, as set forth in the “Hours Schedule” below. It is the responsibility of the Renter to bring the bicycle in for repairs. If it is not possible for Renter to come during open hours, Renter must contact BGSU Bike Rental Program office and make other arrangements; however the bicycle MUST be brought in for repairs. Renter should not operate a bike that is not in working order or is in need of repairs.
  11. Damages: Renters with bicycles with damages that are in excess of normal wear and reasonable use will be assessed a fee in accordance with repair costs, including parts and labor. Examples of such damages include but are not limited to: the major misalignment of a wheel, bent or broken shifters, cracks in frame, etc. Determination of damage is at the sole discretion of BGSU Bike Rental Program.
  12. Loss/Theft of Bicycle: Upon signing this agreement and taking possession of the rented bicycle, Renter assumes responsibility for keeping the bicycle locked and safe when not in use, and operating the bike properly. Renter assumes responsibility for replacing the bike in the event of theft of the bicycle.
  13. Waiver: Renters must sign the standard BGSU Waiver Form.
  14. General Provisions/Expectations a. All Ohio laws regarding bicycles must be followed by Renter at all times. Renter should become familiar with the Ohio laws on bike riding. b. Visibility is invaluable for cyclists. If you are riding during evening hours, it is imperative that you make yourself as visible as possible to other users of the roadway as possible. Plan ahead if you anticipate being out after dark. c. You must have white lights on the front of your bicycle that emit at least 500 feet to the front and 300 feet to the sides if you are riding at night, when it is raining, or when visibility is less than 1000 feet. Ohio law also requires on the rear of the bike a lamp emitting either a flashing or steady red light, visible from the distance of five hundred feet to the rear. d. Helmets should be worn at all times when riding the bicycle. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) a properly fitted bicycle helmet reduces the risk of head injury by as much as 85 percent and the risk of brain injury by as much as 88 percent. e. To properly lock the bike, loop the U-lock through the frame of the bicycle and attach it to a loop in a university bike rack (when on campus) or other bike rack (off campus). NEVER leave the bike unlocked when not in use. Do not lock bikes to benches, trees, buildings, or other objects. f. Renters must be aware of and follow all applicable BGSU rules/regulations and all City of Bowling Green and State of Ohio laws ordinances and laws on bike usage. g. This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Ohio.