Orange Bike Rental Program

The Orange Bike Rental Program is designed to make emissions-free transportation accessible and affordable to students to reduce the overall carbon footprint generated by commuting.

Due to the limited number of bikes in our fleet, the Orange Bike Rental Program utilizes an application process to distribute bikes. This program gives preference to students who will utilize the bike as their primary form of transportation during the rental period.

Please complete the application below & submit to A link for payment will be provided upon application approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

The name of "Orange Bikes" comes from a time when BGSU offered a "bike share" program across campus. For a variety of reasons, the program has been converted to a rental program. This program design allows for maximum environmental benefits by providing reliable transportation around BG for participants. (It also used a lot of paint!)

The Orange Bike Rental Program currently has 50 bikes in its fleet & adding more throughout the year

Yes! This bike is your personal bike for the rental period & is intended to be used as your primary form of transportation around BG for greatest environmental benefits!

Regular maintenance & tune ups are included in the rental cost! Simply stop by the Orange Bike Garage during the weekly drop-in hours or make a personalized appointment by emailing

These bikes are donated by the BGSU Police Department after being declared lost/ abandoned. Only the highest-quality bikes are added to our fleet & are then returned to pristine condition by our Orange Bike Mechanic before being rented.

A bike rental program provides the greatest environmental benefits by providing a low-cost, reliable transportation option for students to travel around Bowling Green. This will reduce the amount of cars on the road, as well as the amount of pollution emitted into our atmosphere

Maintenance Garage Hours:

Monday11:10am - 2:00pm
Tuesday11:10am - 2:00pm
WednesdayNo Garage Hours
Thursday11:10am - 2:00pm
Friday11:10am - 2:00pm

Meet Our Mechanic:


Maxwell McCray is a junior studying environmental science & has worked for the Office of Campus Sustainability since Spring 2017.