Bike Rack Installation

On Tuesday, June 19, 2012, twenty new bike racks were deployed across campus.

David Neely, current USG Vice President, wrote a Green Fund Proposal asking for funding to purchase twenty new bike racks for BGSU Main Campus. The bike racks are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and will be replacing some of the old, rusting, and broken bike racks throughout campus.

Dr. Nick Hennessy, BGSU Sustainability Coordinator, is on the Green Fund committee that approved the project. He supervised the placement of the bike racks to make sure they were in prime locations for students to use. "Right now we are trying to inform students of the new bike racks on campus so that they can begin to utilize them during their campus commute." 

Alex Solis, USG President, Neely, Dr. Hennessy, and a student helper from grounds placed the bikes throughout campus. "We're hoping students will start locking their bikes to the new bike racks so we can remove the old bike racks soon," Dr. Hennessy said.   

This project was made possible due to the Student Green Initiatives Fund, which provides funding to students' ideas for making BGSU a "greener" and more environmentally-friendly institution. 

It's great to see the Green Fund and the USG President and Vice President in action on campus!