Purchasing Sustainably

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Green Cleaning Products

BGSU custodial services utilize the "Green Earth" line of cleaning chemicals from Betco, a Toledo-based company, that are more environmentally friendly and health conscious. These products have reduced health risks because of lower concentration of chemicals which cut down on:

  • the risk of breathing difficulties associated with the inhalation of strong chemical vapors; and
  • the risk of skin irritations due to direct contact with concentrated chemicals.

They also are more environmentally friendly because they:

  •  improve indoor air quality
  • reduce smog and ozone
  • lessen environmental impacts during manufacturing
  • generate less waste water pollution, and
  •  utilize recycled packaging.

Cleaning practices which use fewer resources and harsh chemicals are also being introduced across campus, such as the use of special buffing pads that polish terrazzo and tile floor without the need for wax.

Updated: 03/04/2020 04:06PM