Printing & Paper Reduction

  • To find paper with post-consumer recycled content that is also FSC chain of custody certified or SFI fiber source, click here 
  • For help on figuring out how to set double-sided printing as a default on your computer click here
  • For help on figuring out how to set margin sizes as a default to decrease the length of your documents click here
  • Contact ITS for questions about setting up a shared drive or an internal office network or for more information click here  


  • Free CFL bulbs can be obtained through the Office of Campus Sustainability (
  • To purchase CFL bulbs from OfficeMax, click here
  • For information about discounted LED bulbs from the local Ace Hardware, click here 
  • Free green “Power Down” stickers for light switches can be obtained
    through the Office of Campus Sustainability (
  • Print off pre-made signs reminding employees to turn off lights in your office here


  • To learn why it is important to unplug unused appliances, read about vampire appliances here
  • Arrange with your ITS group to be able to shut down computers at night
  • To purchase rechargeable batteries from Office Max, click here
  • Download our pre-made e-mail template reminder about conserving energy and how to prepare for breaks here

Recycling & Reuse

  • If your office needs recycling containers, submit a work order for it here
  • Print off our pre-made signs to indicate recycling locations in the office here
  • Create and utilize an e-waste recycling program set up for toners, ink cartridges, batteries, cell phones, and other electronic devices through the Office of Campus Sustainability. Learn about the program, here
  • When clearing out an office, donate items to the Office of Campus Sustainability to be reused (


  • Before purchasing new equipment & supplies check with the Office of Campus Sustainability to get re-used items if available. Visit the website to find the dates and locations for pickups here
  • Visit the Surplus Inventory Warehouse website to find dates and times for surplus item preview
  • To learn about Energy Star ratings, click here

Break Room

  • To learn why Styrofoam is detrimental to the environment, click here
  • To learn why plastic water bottles are also detrimental to the environment, click here
  • To find an array of environmentally-friendly dining ware, click here
  • To learn about fair trade coffee, click here
  • For a list of businesses that sell fair trade coffee such as Meijer and Wal-Mart, click here


  • Print off our pre-made signs about alternate forms of transportation here
  •  Click here to search for Energy Star Hotels
  1. “Select Facility Types” click the drop down button and select “hotel” (a quarter way down the list from the top)
  2. “Select Label Year” KEEP THIS THE SAME. Do not restrict the label year for optimal results
  3. You can now search by City, State, or Zipcode (searching OH will find all hotels in Ohio and provide a map)
  4. Click “Find”


  • Hold paperless meetings instead of printing out agendas
  1. Email agendas for people to review before the meeting, but ask them not to print it
  2. Use a projector to show slides of information instead of printing and distributing it
  3. Use a white board to write the agenda on instead of printing out one
  • To learn how to host an online meeting, click here
  • For a tutorial of how to use Skype, click here


  • Flyers regarding the Presidents’ Climate Commitment and the University’s Pledge to sustainability can be printed here
  • Invite the Office of Campus Sustainability to visit your office and present about sustainability (