Rachel Renou


Class of 2019

Specialization: International Business, Marketing
Hometown: Troy, MI

  • Sidney A. Ribeau President's Leadership Academy
  • Way Campus Fellowship
  • St. Baldricks Marketing Team
  • Student Affairs Chair - Undergraduate Student Government
  • National Affiliate of College University Residence Halls - Delegate
  • Procedures and Appeals Board
  • Dean's List
  • Honors Experience Scholarship
  • Resident Advisor
  • Tour Guide
  • Shift Leader - Cold Stone Creamery
  • Internship - Toyota

My name is Rachel Renou. I am a junior from Troy, Michigan. Currently, I’m studying International Business and Marketing.

One of my favorite hobbies is hiking. I enjoy running as well, and plan to one day run a half-marathon. Hanging out with friends, and trying new things/going new places always puts me in a good mood. An interesting fact about me is that I am going to study abroad summer of 2018. I hope to go to Spain, because my mom’s side is Spanish, and I have always loved Spanish art.

My future career plans are to work for an international company in their marketing sector. Learning about other cultures, and traveling is a passion of mine that I hope to experience by working with an international company.

The College of Business to me is resourceful. They helped connect me with the right preparation advice to receive an internship for summer 2017, and have provided plenty of opportunities to be involved. For example, I am in the professional business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, as well as a Student Ambassador in which I get to reach out to new and exciting people every day.