Gloria Souter

Gloria Souter
Class of 2020

Hometown: Huron, Ohio

Specialization: Sales and Services Marketing

Activities and Honors: Dean’s List, SLAC, AMA, Intramural Sports

Work Experience: Server at Cedar Point and Kalahari, Sales Rep at Sandusky Fireworks Superstore, currently a Sales Rep at Penske

Personal Introduction:
I am transfer student from Lorain Country Community College, so I am a first-year student at BGSU. I love walking the campus, since the scenery is so beautiful, and downtown is close. In my free time I like hang out with my friends and play sports like volleyball, basketball and softball. I’m going to learn how to golf this summer. I also love going home to Huron to play with my two Australian Shepherds and my 2-year-old nephew!

After I graduate, depending on my current job situation, I would like to pursue my MBA and work towards the goal of either expanding a nonprofit or creating my own based out of Africa. I want to be able to make an impact on their environment and help them prosper as a country as well as grow the economy and create equal opportunity for everyone.

One word I would use to describe the College of Business would be “impactful.” I use this word because before I came to BGSU I thought all colleges were the same; go to class, get a degree and that was it. Coming here has changed my whole perspective with everyone being so nice to me and helping me find my path. The CoB has changed who I am as a person and I am so grateful for their impact on me! Go Falcons!