Dagmar Chapin

Dagmar Chapin
Class of 2021

Hometown: Valley City, Ohio

Specializations: Marketing and International Business

Activities and Honors: Women in Business Leadership (WBL), Marketing executive for Global Management Leadership Society (GMLS), Dean's List, Pi Beta Phi Fraternity, Dean's Marketing Project, Consumer Electronics Show 2019 (CES)

Work Experience: Customer Service and Sales Representative for Copper Top Golf

Personal Introduction:
I am currently a sophomore in the College of Business studying marketing and international business. In my free time I love to branch out and meet new people. This has brought me to many wonderful student organizations such as Women in Business Leader Ship, Global Management Leadership Society, and Student Ambassadors. I love learning how to solve problems and I am most often referred to as the "handyman" by those who know me. 

After graduation I plan to become an international sales marketing director and begin my career in the United States. After I have gained domestic experience, I plan to move overseas to continue my career internationally. My end goal is to master both domestic and international sales marketing so that I can help my company expand it's horizons.

One word I would use to describe the College of Business is "vibrant". The faculty keeps me on my toes and always wanting to push myself harder to succeed. The classrooms keep me engaged and the environment is always welcoming. Every person that I have come into contact with at the College of Business has positively impacted my life and has helped me grow immensely as an individual.