Allissa Nevison


Allissa Nevison 
Class of 2021 

Hometown: Middlefield, Ohio 

Specialization: Supply Chain Management and International Business  

Activities and Honors:  

  • Deans Scholar 

  •  BGSU Dining Scholarship 

Work Experience:  

  • Purchasing Intern for Honda North America 

  • Sundial, Shift Lead   

Personal Introduction:  
I am currently a junior pursing a degree in Supply Chain Management and International Business. I am a Student Ambassador and was also a Peer Leader my sophomore year for the College of Business. I also work on campus at the Sundial as a student manager.   

During my free time, I love to spend time with friends and family and I really enjoy playing basketball and softball. Two interesting facts about me is that I like to write poetry and I am also from the fourth largest Amish settlement in the world. 

I really enjoy school; however, my future career is always in mind. One day I hope to work for a large global company where I can help develop ways to make the company I work for more environmentally friendly. Along with, providing me the opportunity to grow in my career and to better myself.   

One word I would use to describe the College of Business is "achievement." I chose this word because I know that if I set a goal, BGSU will provide me with the resources, skills, and opportunities I need to make sure that I will accomplish my goals. I know that as long as I put in the work, do my best, and ask for help when needed, I will never be tackling a goal all by myself. The COB will always have my back in one way or another.