The BGSU in-person MBA Experience

Jake Cunningham share's his BGSU MBA journey

Jake Cunningham PhotoWhat did you like best about the Professional MBA experience?

The best part of the experience was the expert teaching staff. The combination of traditional and adjunct professors worked very well. They were able to apply the coursework to real world examples, which often led to some good in-class discussion. It was also nice to hear different perspectives from my cohorts as I have primarily worked in manufacturing for my career. Additionally, the program delivered on exactly what I was looking for. There were concepts in accounting and finance that I would hear about at work, but never fully understood them. The MBA program closed those gaps, and if something wasn't covered in the material, I would just ask the professors. They would stay late and answer your questions all the time.

Did you find it helpful to have live classes just one evening per week in Perrysburg as you completed your MBA?

The schedule was very accommodating, and the location was perfect for me since I live in Perrysburg. Having the two classes once per week gave you plenty of time to study the material properly since most of us worked full time. Even the summer sessions were planned in a way that the Monday material was typically due the following Monday, and not on Wednesday (2 days later). Professors were very accommodating if you were not able to attend classes as well.

Was the live contact time with the Faculty and with the other professionals in the classroom a beneficial experience?

Yes. Without this interaction, then I believe the program loses value. You can certainly still learn the material, but the in-person discussion helps it sink in. Our class was able to experience this firsthand due to the Covid restrictions. My last few months of the program were online-only, and while the professors did well with online learning, it was not the same experience.

Updated: 01/31/2022 11:32AM