College of Business Happenings

September 2018

Susan's Greeting

SusanKosakowskiGreetings from the BGSU College of Business! Fall is a busy time, and, like you, we have hit the ground running. The College of Business hosts several student events at the start of the semester. Many of these events are focused on getting students, especially freshmen, involved in professional organizations and student clubs at the beginning of their college career.

 BGSU ranks among the highest in the country for student engagement. The College of Business alone has 14 student organizations you can join. And, when you are part of the College of Business, you’ll belong to a close-knit group of students and faculty involved on campus and in the community. Come visit us and experience it yourself!

Did you see it?

We want you to know what it’s like to be a student in the College of Business. We’re excited to introduce you to Jon, Emily, Zach, Nijah and Rachel. They are going to take you on a year-long journey of what it’s like to be a College of Business student, from their perspective. Here’s the first video

BGSU College of Business Students September 2018

Want to Learn More About the CoB?

If you plan your visit on a Monday or Friday, the college offers an information session at 1:00pm.  This is an excellent way to learn about scholarships, the Dean’s activities, the Business District learning community, internship and career placement, student organizations and so much more.  This is an excellent opportunity to have your questions answered.  Register here.

Apply Now for Greatest Scholarship Opportunities

The College of Business awards more than $350,000 of scholarships to business students every year. With an early application, you’ll be eligible for scholarship opportunities. The earlier you apply, the greater number of scholarship opportunities are available to you. Apply now!  


Bring your parents to school day – visit the CoB on Friday, November 2nd

Visiting campus is an excellent way to learn about the many opportunities available here at BGSU.  To get an ‘up close and personal’ look at the College of Business, register for the CoB Day on Friday, November 2nd.  The day will include faculty, students, a mock lecture, entrepreneurship, education abroad and the Business Career Accelerator (career center).  Campus tours are also available.  Learn about our 100% graduation placement and our close-knit learning community, the Business District


Experience the BGSU College of Business Difference

The proof is in the numbers:

Plan a Visit Now

Want to know the best way to experience BGSU?  Come and visit us.  You’ll hear about the excellent return on investment your BGSU degree offers (cost to attend/average starting salary). Plus, you can meet students and get a feel for campus.  Register now for your visit.  Be sure to stop in the College of Business (CoB), too.  You can talk with students and staff in the college, explore the opportunities, sign your admission certificate (if you’ve been admitted to the CoB) and receive a gift bag for stopping in.  

You may also want to visit during our October Preview Day on Saturday, October 27 from 9am – 1pm. 


Josh's Corner

Josh WolpertHi!  I’m Josh and this is my second year at BGSU in the College of Business.  Fairfield, Ohio is my home town and I’m studying marketing.  While in high school I was involved with DECA, a student organization centering around marketing.  That is what brought me to BGSU and my studies.  Looking forward to sharing my sophomore year experiences with you here each month!

Peer Leader Program

Mentorship is an important part of business and an important part of the College of Business student success. Once you’re admitted to the College of Business, you’ll be matched up a Peer Leader. Peer Leaders answer questions about BGSU and the College of Business, offer advice on what you will really NEED to bring to college and what you might WANT to bring. Visit our Peer Leader page to learn more.