Section 9.4


In accord with the Charter (B-II.GSection(7)),

  • A final examination should be given in all courses where appropriate.
  • In accord with the traditional principles of academic freedom, the faculty member or group responsible for a course shall determine whether a final examination is or is not appropriate (such as in graduate seminars).
  • Final examinations shall be administered at the times scheduled for that purpose except with specific permission of the VPAA. See Charter B-II.7 d for requesting a change in the scheduled exam period.
  • In those courses where a final examination is deemed inappropriate, faculty shall conduct other appropriate course-related activities during the period scheduled for final examination. Faculty are expected to be present on campus and accessible to students during this time. Their availability during the sixteenth week of the semester is consistent with contractual obligations.
  • Chairs/Directors shall be responsible for implementing and monitoring this policy.


  • Instructors shall administer final exams at the times scheduled for that purpose, except with specific permission from the Provost and Senior Vice President. No permission from the Office of the VPAA is required in order to provide a make-up examination for one or two students on the grounds of conflict or other urgent reasons for being absent from the final examination.
  • Time and date of the exam is based on time and day of the first class meeting during the semester.
  • If a scheduled exam for one class overlaps with a common exam time for another class, then students should consult with the instructors of both classes to resolve the time conflict.
  • For classes starting at a time not listed above, students should consult with their instructor to establish an ideal meeting time for the final exam and then instructor should contact Registration & Records to schedule a room. • Students should check their Student Center on MyBGSU for exam time and room just before the end of the semester.

Last Updated: 4/18