Section 7.1


The appointment, reappointment, tenure and promotion processes are governed by Article 14 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and by each unit’s approved Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion document. The current approved documents are available on the Provost’s website.


Articles 14.2 – 14.4 discuss appointment, academic rank, and initial hire. Key points are:

Probationary faculty may be hired at the rank of assistant professor or associate professor. TTF appointments at the rank of Professor shall be tenured appointments. In exceptional circumstances, an associate professor may be hired with tenure immediately granted.

Non-tenure-track faculty may be hired with a renewable or non-renewable contract. The type of contract must be approved by the Dean and Provost. For non-renewable/terminal contracts, the length of contract shall be stated in the appointment letter. For renewable contracts, initial hiring is for one-year renewable contract or for two- or three-year terms of annually renewable contracts. NTTF on renewable contracts that will not be renewed must be told so by deadlines established in Article 14.

For a tenure-track position search, only tenured and tenure-track BUFMs and NTTF with seven or more years of service as faculty members at BGSU (see section 2.3) shall have a vote on ranking which candidates to recommend for interviews. Individual departments/schools may, pursuant to their unit-level practices and policies, delegate these activities to a representative search committee or screening committee. The recommendations of the unit faculty shall be

submitted to the Dean, accompanied by a letter from the Chair/Director providing an independent evaluation. In the event of a disagreement between the Chair/Director and unit faculty, the Chair/Director shall notify the unit faculty of the disagreement, with explanation, and shall meet with the unit faculty and attempt to reconcile their differences.

For a non-tenure-track position search, the full-time faculty shall meet and by majority vote establish the preferred candidate or the ranking of candidates. Comments from students, staff, and alumni may be used to augment faculty determinations, however only the faculty may vote. The faculty recommendation shall be conveyed to the Dean accompanied by an independent recommendation from the Chair/Director. If the Chair/Director disagrees with the recommendation of the unit faculty, then he/she shall state the reasons in writing for his/her disagreement; a copy of the Chair’s/Director’s letter must be provided to the unit faculty.

Candidates prepare an electronic tenure and/or promotion dossier by uploading the requisite documents via the Faculty 180. Guidelines for dossier contents and using Faculty 180 can found in Guidelines for Entering Data into Faculty 180.

At the College level, applications for tenure and/or promotion are evaluated first by the Faculty Achievement Committee (FAC), then by the Dean. The Dean reviews all materials, including the recommendations of eligible bargaining unit faculty, the Chair or Director, and the FAC, before making his/her recommendation. A report from the FAC and a letter from the Dean are posted to the candidate’s Faculty 180 dossier, and the application is then made available for the Provost’s review.

Collective Bargaining Agreement

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