Section 6.4


Departments generally need to offer more sections than can be taught by their full-time faculty under normal teaching loads. (See Section 3.4 for class scheduling policies and procedures.) These sections must be covered by full-time faculty teaching additional sections for overload pay, by Graduate Assistants, or by hiring part-time (adjunct) faculty.

Faculty Overloads

Faculty overload policy is covered in Article 17.4 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Faculty teaching courses that are in addition to their established allocation of effort are entitled to overload pay. The College pays $1,500/credit for 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 level classes, $1,700/credit for 4000/5000 cross-listed classes, and $1,900/credit for 5000, 6000 and 7000 level classes. The overload pays for the E-BSBA, online MBA, and DODC programs are set at different levels by the Dean’s Office. A contract addendum request form must be processed and forwarded to the College Budget Officer.

In lieu of overload pay, a faculty member may request an equivalent reduction in teaching workload for a future semester. This request must be in writing and be approved by the Department Chair and Dean.

Hiring Graduate Assistants to Teach

The College does not typically hire Graduate Assistants from the College to teach courses as they generally have not completed a Masters degree or higher and do not meet our faculty qualifications for AACSB accreditation. AACSB allows a small percentage of our classes to be taught by personnel that do not meet our qualifications, so we may, on rare occasions, allow such a hiring. This must be approved by the Dean’s office. However, Graduate Assistants from other BGSU programs (e.g. EdD or PhD programs) may have completed a Masters and meet our faculty qualifications for accreditation purposes. The pay for such Graduate Assistants must be the rate that the student’s program pays. Graduate Assistant contracts are processed through the graduate assistant contracting system by the student’s graduate coordinator or administrative assistant.

Hiring Adjuncts

Once per year, the College advertises for part-time (adjunct) faculty for all disciplines in the College. Applicants that respond to the advertisement are placed into the adjunct pool. Adjuncts can only be hired from this pool. Department Chairs are responsible for ensuring that adjuncts are AACSB qualified. The credentials required for an adjunct are:

  • Current vita
  • At least two current original letters of recommendation (dated within the current year, including at least one letter from the current employer if the candidate is employed
  • Official transcript(s) showing highest degree earned.
  • Completed I-9.

The pay for adjuncts for a three credit hour course is $4,000 for undergraduate and $5,000 for graduate or undergraduate/graduate cross-listed courses. Pay for courses that are not three credit hours are adjusted proportionally. The pays for adjuncts for three credit hour courses are set at different levels by the Dean’s Office for E-BSBA, online MBA and DODC programs.

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