BGSU Sales Competition

2018 BGSU Sales Competition Winners pictured left to right: 3rd place Josh Wolpert, 1st place Collin Levandowski, 2nd place Hayden Kuzma
2018 BGSU Sales Competitors

The BGSU Sales Competition showcases our best and brightest students pursuing a career in professional selling. BGSU undergraduate students from all majors are eligible to participate. The top three finishers are awarded prizes; but for all participants, this is a tremendous networking opportunity that can lead directly to great jobs!

To register for the competition, students should stop by the Department of Marketing (BA 234), where they will sign up for a round 1 time slot and drop off a current resume.  The time slots are on the evenings of September 10, 13, 15 or 17; and the competition is open to the first 40 students who register. 

All students compete in Round 1, which involves a short (2-3 minute) role play involving the selling of BGSU to a prospective high school student.  Ten students are selected as finalists, and advance to Round 2, which involves a longer (15 minute) role play based on a product of the premier sponsor.

Awards Banquet.  The top three students are announced and awarded prizes at the Awards Banquet, attended by competition sponsors, all competing students, BGSU business faculty, and other sales-oriented students. Prize awards are as follows:

  • 1st Place: $1,000 scholarship
  • 2nd Place: $ 500 scholarship
  • 3rd Place: $ 250 scholarship

The top two BGSU students advance to the National Collegiate Sales Competition in Atlanta — another tremendous networking opportunity. The third place finisher is the alternate. 

Professional Selling Job Fair.  Immediately preceding the Awards Banquet, there will be a Professional Selling Job Fair featuring all corporate sponsors.  The job fair will be promoted throughout the university, and is open to all BGSU students interested in pursuing jobs and internships in the general area of sales.

The BGSU Sales Competition is presented and organized by the Department of Marketing and by our Collegiate Chapter of the American Marketing Association (BGAMA).

For more information, contact the faculty advisors of BGAMA:  Greg Rich ( or Mearl Sutton (

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Key Dates

September 8 - 18:
Students sign up for and record Round 1 role plays in Communications Lab (BA 242).

September 26:
Ten finalists announced!  Round 2 role play scenario distributed.

October 26:
Ten finalists record Round 2 role plays in the Communications Lab (BA 242).  Corporate sponsors evaluate these role plays within the next two weeks.

November 9:
BTSU Multipurpose Room:

  • Professional Selling Job Fair (4-6pm)
  • Awards Banquet (6pm)


Participants/Eligibility: The competition is open to BGSU undergraduate students – all majors are encouraged to participate.  The competition is open to the first 40 students who register.  To register and sign up for a time, students should go to the Department of Marketing (BA 234).

The competition takes place in two rounds:

Round 1:  In the first round, all students submit a resume and a brief role play involving the following scenario:

In the hallway, you run across a high school student (i.e., the prospect) waiting by an elevator.  The prospect notices that you are wearing a BGSU tee shirt/hat, and asks if you are a student there.  The student is interested in attending BGSU, but has not yet decided.  You have 2-3 minutes to interact with that student (i.e., conduct a “sales call”), and present a few compelling, relevant reasons why BGSU is a great place to attend college.  The role play will end no later than the 3 minute mark, at which point the student will leave/get on the elevator.  Click here for the complete Round 1 instructions, which includes the evaluation sheet.

Next, a team of marketing faculty will evaluate these participants, and select ten finalists for the second round.  Note that the selection is based not only on the short role play, but also on student accomplishments regarding sales-related coursework, internships, and co-curricular activities.  Thus, all students must submit a resume.  As an option, students also may submit a cover letter that elaborates on relevant aspects of their resume (but again, the resume is required, the cover letter is optional).

Round 2.  For this round, each of the ten finalists perform a 15-minute role play involving the selling of a product to someone posing as a business buyer.  This role play is judged by a panel of sales executives from our corporate sponsors.  The scenario for this role play will be determined by the premier sponsor.  Finalists will be given the details of this scenario, including the buyer profile and product information, at least one month before the recording date of the longer role play.

Judging: Each student will be evaluated by at least four judges who will be provided with students’ recorded sales calls. Salespeople and sales managers from sponsoring companies will conduct the evaluations, which will be based on students’ performance on various steps and aspects of the selling process (i.e., approach, needs identification, presentation, overcoming objections, closing, etc.). A participant evaluation sheet will be provided to the judges (and to students ahead of time).

Awards: Winners will be announced at the Marketing Department Sales Awards Banquet on Wednesday, November 18, Bowen-Thompson Student Union, Multi Purpose Room

Cash prizes of $1000, $500 & $250 will be given to the top three finishers at BGSU!

The first and second place students advance to the National Collegiate Sales Competition in April.

(Go to for more information on the national competition).

2015 BGSU Winners

BGSU Sales Competition Winners 2015

Pictured left to right:  1st place, Phil Rich; 2nd place, Jessica Miller; 3rd place, Tiana Williams

1st place Phil Rich

2nd place Jessica Miller

3rd place Tiana Williams