Department of Marketing

April 2018

A message from the chair


Greetings from the Department of Marketing! As I mentioned in my newsletter last year, I “unretired” myself and was back as a part-time interim chair for the department before a replacement is successfully found through the department chair process. At the end of this academic year, I will be “re-retiring” myself.  

Before I go, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our faculty and staff members for their great support in the past. Here is a list of some of our faculty/staff and student accomplishments in 2017:  

  • The department won five out of six Schmidthorst College of Business (CoB) Faculty and Staff Awards presented in August and two out of three Schmidthorst College of Business Leadership Council Faculty Excellence Awards presented last spring. 
  • Professor Gene Poor was recognized by his alma mater, Kent State University, with the Centennial Alumni Award.
  • Jennifer Mosholder was the recipient of the most prestigious college student award, the Karl Vogt Top Graduating Senior Award.
  • Marsha S. Bostelman, Administrative Assistant, was named the winner for both BGSU Classified Staff Outstanding Service Award, and the CoB James A. Sullivan Staff Excellence Award
  • All tenured and probationary faculty members have been very productive in publishing articles in academic journals.
  • Students continue to perform very well in sales competitions, speed interviews, and the American Marketing Association (AMA) student chapter competition.

You can read about these exciting accomplishments in this newsletter below. 

This spring we have some more good news to share.

  • Two marketing faculty members were presented the 2018 Faculty Excellence Awards by the Schmidthorst College of Business Leadership Council:  Mr. Kirk D. Kern, lecturer, and director of the Paul J. Hooker Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership - Faculty Excellence Award in Teaching and Dr. Dwayne Gremler, professor - Faculty Excellence in Engagement with Industry.
  • Two of our marketing students were chosen for the College’s Karl Vogt Top Graduating Senior Award – Collin Newton and Derwin Pritchett II.
  • Our American Marketing Association remains among the Top 25 chapters in the world.

Finally, the department’s Marketing Advisory Council recently approved its bylaws and will soon be recruiting new members to join the group. We would love to hear from you about anything- your news, your interest in serving on the Marketing Advisory Council, and any suggestions or questions you may have. Please let us know what you are up to! Email the department administrative assistant, Marsha Bostelman, at with your news and activities.

In conclusion, I am happy to end my interim term, seeing our department on an upbeat note. Best wishes to you all!

Bob Wu 


Student and Program Success 



BGAMA Student Chapter Has Successful Year  

Written by Nick Jaramillo, BGAMA President

Our organization has focused our efforts around providing genuinely meaningful content to our members, so they become engaged with the organization and passionate about marketing. As the student dynamic is constantly evolving, along with our everyday world, we as marketers and as a chapter must evolve, too. Being able to accurately understand our stakeholders’ needs has pushed our chapter to unprecedented levels of influence and involvement in our community.

We are excited to announce that we have successfully tackled many new, ambitious projects that have made significant advancements to the organization. A few of these activities and programs include the following:

  • Avigation Marketing Agency: This student-led marketing firm has redefined BGAMA’s contribution to the community as a whole by providing customized marketing services for on-campus departments, student organizations, and local businesses.
  • Sales Leaders & Consultants: A group within BGAMA has a direct focus on allowing students to further their sales-related skills outside of general meetings in an interactive and challenging environment.
  • New Organizational Structure:In pursuit of improving overall engagement of both general members and executive board members, BGAMA has implemented a redesigned organizational structure that can better meet individualized expectations.
  • Membership Growth: With 69 nationally registered members, a 17% increase in membership from last year, we have continued to expand our scope and overall retention of members.
  • 2018 AMA Conference Ranking: With a change in how AMA ranks student chapters, the BGAMA is among the Top 25 out of 370 chapters internationally. This demonstrates the high level of excellence our chapter has compared to others.

The initiatives above are only a few of the many great accomplishments we have achieved as an organization this year. After successfully modernizing the engagement around our activities, we continue to position ourselves as the premier student organization within the University. This work could not have been accomplished without the sacrifice and dedication of our members, who consistently pushed through any adversity they faced. We are looking to continue our success as we seek out new challenges to further impact our members, University, community, and other stakeholders.  


Faculty and Staff Success 



ALUMNI success


Alumni Step Back onto Campus for Marketing Alumni Days 

Marketing Alumni Days give us the opportunity to welcome back our outstanding alumni and have them share their career experiences with our marketing students.  It also gives faculty the chance to reconnect with our former students. 

In March, marketing alumni stepped into classrooms during the two-day event to share their professional insight and answer questions from current business students. On Thursday night they attended an awards dinner program at the Mileti Alumni Center where the Department of Marketing announced its top two graduating seniors according to specializations. Derwin Pritchett II was presented the award for marketing and Collin Newton for sales and services marketing.

We thank the many alumni who attended this event! 

Research Success 



Jeff Meyer and Dwayne Gremler 

Articles co-authored by two marketing professors were among the top four finalists for the 2016 Best Service Research award presented by the Services Marketing Special Interest Group (SERVSIG) of the American Marketing Association.  This award recognizes the top articles among all service research articles published globally the previous year.

Dr. Gremler co-authored the article entitled, “Employee Emotional Competence: Construct Conceptualization and Validation of a Customer-Based Measure,” with a former BGSU visiting professor from Belgium, Cecile Delcourt, and two professors from Radboud University, The Netherlands. 

Dr. Meyer co-authored the article, “Pricing Strategies for Hybrid Bundles: Analytical Model and Insights,” with Dr. Venkatesh Shankar from Texas A&M. 



The following faculty published Marketing articles in 2017 - 2018.

Doug Ewing, Steve Koppitsch, and Greg Rich. “The Customer Membership Experience: Amazon Prime Versus Costco Wholesale Club,” Journal of Shopper Research. March 7, 2017. Rachel McGuire was also an author of the article.

Douglas R. Ewing, and Randall L. Ewing (2017), “Leveraging Social Interaction to Encourage ‘Professional’ versus ‘Student’ Sense of Self: Insights from Identity Theory” Journal of Marketing Education.

Robert E. Kleine III, Susan Schultz Kleine, and Douglas R. Ewing (2017), “Possession Ownership and Display When Navigating Identity Transition: A Social Identity Perspective,” European Journal of Marketing.





Dwayne Gremler published his textbook’s 7th edition:

Valarie A. Zeithaml, Mary Jo Bitner, and Dwayne D. Gremler (2018), Services Marketing: Integrating Customer Focus Across the Firm, 7th Edition.  New York: Irwin/McGraw-Hill.

Steve Koppitsch, Jeff Meyer, and David Reid. “The Sales Manager as a Unit of Analysis: A Review and Directions for Future Research,” Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management.

David A. Reid, Richard E. Plank, Robert M. Peterson, and Gregory A. Rich, "Examining the Use of Sales Force Management Practices," Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing.





Phil Titus, “Exploring Creative Marketing Thought: Divergent Ideation Processes and Outcomes”, Journal of Psychology & Marketing


Peter Andersen and Fei L. Weisstein (2018), “Consumers’ Perceptions of Airline Mergers: A Field Survey Approach,” Journal of Consumer Affairs.