Jane V. Wheeler, Ph.D.



Position: Associate Professor
Phone: (419) 372-6064
Email: jvwheel@bgsu.edu
Address: 3008B Business Administration

1)     What professional achievement are you most proud of? (teaching and/or research)

I am most proud of my students.  Nothing makes me prouder than watching them graduate.


2)     What is one book all business students should read and why?

This one is easy.  I recommend that all my students read the book I am going to write!


3)     Why did you become a professor/instructor?

I have always loved to teach.  It just took me a few years to realize it.


4)     On a personal note, what is the most interesting place you have visited and what made it so interesting?
The classroom is the most interesting place I have visited.  Although I have been to every US state, South America, and Europe, the classroom is the best place to visit!!  Nothing beats watching the students engage with themselves, others, and the material.


Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University, Organizational Behavior

M.B.A., Boston University, Organizational Behavior & Management Policy

Certificate of Special Studies in Administration and Management, Harvard University

B.A., Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA, American Studies,

Cum Laude, Student Leadership Award



Bowling Green State University, Department of Management
. Associate Professor, 2005-present
. Director, Master of Organizational Development Program, 2014-2015; 2004-2006
. Director, Institute for Organizational Effectiveness, 2002-2006
. Assistant Professor, 1999-2005

NYNEX Corporation (New England Telephone), Boston.  1984-1992.

AT&T (New England Telephone), Boston.  1978-1984.

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