Abiye Alamina, ABD

Faculty Spotlight

My research interests lie at the exciting intersection of economics and political science, particularly in the importance of political institutions for understanding economic policies, as well as in shaping global governance regimes on varied policy issues including exchange rates and climate change.

I typically teach courses in Microeconomics, Public Finance, International Trade and Finance, and Economic Development, all of which are germane to my research interests.

A contemporary reading I would strongly suggest for business students is the bestseller, “Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty” by Acemoglu and Robinson. In sum the book provides an institutional driven explanation for the economic fortunes of countries, i.e. why some are developed and others remain underdeveloped. The insights from this book will help students better understand the challenges, as well as the econo-political dynamics that occur within the global village that businesses of all stripes now have to operate within. The value added should be, as future business leaders, entrepreneurs, and managers, more informed and successful business decisions, with positive global implications.