Consulting Services Available

To Faculty: Planning of Experiments and Surveys, Method of Analysis, Use of Statistical Computer Programs, Interpretation of Results, for research and instructional activity involving statistics.

To Graduate Students: Same as faculty, but for research activity only. The student's advisor must indicate (in writing) the level and amount of assistance to be rendered.

Applying for Consulting Assistance

Any member of the Bowling Green State University community wishing to obtain assistance from the Center for Business Analytics should prepare a short one-page statement of the research problem. This statement should briefly describe the overall project, the data to be (or which has been) collected, and the research hypotheses of interest. Faculty/students who are unclear about the nature of this statement should feel free to consult the Director prior to writing this statement. 

Consulting Sessions

All initial consulting sessions will be held with the Director and one of the graduate assistants. This session may often be purely expository, with the researcher explaining his research problem. After this initial session the Director will classify the project into one of these categories:

1. Can be handled by the graduate assistant

2. Can be handled by the Director, with the graduate assistant

3. Requires the help of a Research Associate, assisted by the graduate assistant

Note : In all cases a graduate assistant will follow a project from beginning to end. 

Level of Assistance Given to Graduate/Undergraduate Students

In all cases when statistical assistance is needed by a student, the request for assistance must be initiated by the student's advisor/supervisor.  In addition, the advisor should indicate the level of consulting assistance to be given. This may range from simply directing the student to appropriate references all the way to performing the complete analysis and interpretation. Repeat: The center will provide as little or as much detailed assistance as the advisor deems appropriate.


It is hoped that the services of the Center for Business Analytics will be acknowledged when appropriate.